Gardening done for now! It's a Flood Zone!

I went over the other day and dug up my peppers but not the tomatoes as I really have no place to put them.
I do now though! A tornado came through and knocked over my tree and now I have some sun! Oops, too late! The tornado was on the night of the 22nd and the flood waters covered the garden on the 23rd.  Have no clue how long the waters will be there and if the plants will survive. It's a wait and see type of thing.
I still feel Blessed as the tornado didn't do structural damage to my home. Just the tree and a portion of fence and lattice that was in front of the shed. Neighbors pine fell on it. My damage was relatively little compared to a block away, where businesses were destroyed and homes
destroyed farther along the line of the tornado. Hopefully the flood doesn't get worse and do a lot of damage to structures. There were some people that lived in that area that had to be evacuated and some businesses too!

Here is a
picture where my garden is supposed to be.  I marked the spot. 


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