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And So It Begins

My gardening buddy and I went over to the garden plots.  They had been plowed or maybe they used a disc, whatever, it's flat and mostly without weeds.  I think the rocks grew over the winter though. All those rocks I picked out are there and more.  They didn't plow in between the poles, so we cleaned that out and all the corn shucks that didn't break down.  Teresa (gardening buddy) planted the beans, so we actually have something planted.  No potatoes, or onions yet.  She has been busy, I have been busy and the weather has not been the best for gardening. Teresa and I had an argument too. Ton's of little flowers coming up. I say Zinnia and she says Sunflowers.  Going to leave some growing and we shall see!.. There is some dill coming back from seed and the chives I planted are back and doing fine. Gotta take my baby tiller over and do a little so we will be ready to do potatoes and onion.  Wouldn't you know, it's supposed to rain. Left side looking fro

Interesting Day Today So Far!

Lot's of you have been following me on Facebook and my problems with my elderly dog Chief.  I had him outside at 3:30 this morning. At that time I checked the rain gauge and temperature. It was 41°F at that time and we had 0.06 inches of rain up to midnight. Then the AcuRite changes to the next day and we had 0.22 inches of rain.  I went back to bed. Got up again around 6:30 a.m. Opened the door to let the dogs out and my mouth fell open.  We have snow all over the deck.  What the heck!!! By this time we also had registered 0.44 inches of rain.  My lovely Chief shows up the snow really well!  Oh, by the way it's 7:01 A.M. and 32°F and snowing! You all have a nice day!