Entertainment This Morning- Watching a Squirrel

After hogging out, by eating peanuts and tomatoes and most of the suet in the last couple of days, the squirrel was at the feeder this morning.  I don't guess I told you I purchased a new "squirrel proof" feeder. I put the mixed nuts in it because they had figured out how to knock down and open up the other two feeders besides chewing a hole in the wire.  The feeders would be empty in just a few hours  The "squirrel proof" feeder company hasn't seen my squirrels!  One of the squirrels lifted the feeder off of it's hook after 3 days of hanging.  It dropped into a bush and, when I got to it, was almost empty.  Needless to say, I did some stomping of feet, a little cussing and some crying. It's who I am!  I got a different hook and put the new "squirrel proof" feeder on the old hook. Hoping the squirrel wouldn't be able to lift the hook off the hook.  The squirrels had finished off all but a little of the suet and I had just put out new suet balls and brought them all in last night.  I hadn't put them out yet when I noticed the squirrel on the deck this morning.  I decided to watch.
I had removed the jelly as the dishes were empty
One dish was dropped to the ground.
If I fill them again, I will bring them in at night
The seed is the cayenne pepper.

The squirrel was just under the birdbath heading to the "squirrel proof" feeder.  He went up on the 2 x 4 and leaned over to the feeder. Grabbed a hold and nope the weight of him shut down the seed holes.  Okay, next he went back down to the 2 x 6 and walked along, until he got to the end of the deck. He sat and contemplated for a time.  I stood at the window and watched.  You could almost see the little wheels in his brain twirling around.  Times up, he makes his move!  Climbs up the 2 x 4 over to the arm, walks out, leans over and grabs a bite of the cayenne pepper coated seed.  He sat and ate. Then started rubbing his mouth back and forth on the wooden arm. Several times! Hate to say it, but I have the biggest grin on my face right now!  Okay, he starts to take another mouth full and first touch - nope, no more of that seed!  Off he goes. Not down to the empty seed area in the back yard. Back for another try on the "squirrel proof" feeder.  Climbs up and reaches over and down comes the gate!  No holes to get the seed again!  Exasperated now!  Does he leave? No, he has decided to try the big block of seed.  I am still grinning! Out to the 2 x 4 arm, hangs down starts to get a piece. HOLY COW THAT's HOT!! Jumps up in the air, hits the banister of the steps and off he goes out of site.  By this time I am laughing.  They do say, "laughter is good for the soul and your health".  I feel great right now!
The squirrel proof feeder. The cage around drops
down with the weight of the squirrel
Closes off the access to the nuts.
#1 Where the cayenne pepper cylinder of seed is now-#2 where the big block of cayenne pepper seed is #3 Where the new squirrel proof feeder hangs #4 this was broken by the squirrels- chewed threw wire hanger. New basket type sunflower seed holder is there now
#5 nothing hanging there now #6 I put the suet ball hanger way up here. Squirrels have already taken it off and dropped it to the ground once. #7 & 8 are both the square suet feeders on the 2 x 4
#9 swing where I put peanuts or sunflower seed


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