12:25 A.M. Raccoon Mishap at my House

That's Chief telling me he has to go outside!
Oh, almost forgot, hubby set the live trap for the raccoon that has been eating all our birdseed.
 I have to check if we caught a raccoon before letting Chief outside!  Hubby thought I was leaving the lid off the galvanized can we store the sunflower seed in.  I don't think so!  Yep, that raccoon was lifting the lid and helping himself.  If I forgot to take in the suet, it would all be gone by morning.  We have done the live trap before and it's been awhile since the raccoons have visited us.  Must be a new population in the area!

So, back to the story!  I didn't let Chief out, I slipped out the door to see if there was a raccoon already.  Yep, there was one. Now to get him down to the truck. Imagine, if you will, a lady in pajama's at 12:30 in the morning, cold and somewhat windy, lifting up a live trap with a raccoon inside.  I walked gingerly to the steps and very carefully started down.  The raccoon decided to move from one end of the trap to the other and got me off balance.  I grabbed the handrail and hung on! Just a few more steps down. Whew! Now to walk across to the gate. I reach for the gate and the raccoon moved around, throwing me off balance again. This time I tripped, dropped the trap and it hit my leg as it dropped. I fell forward! It was like you have seen many times where a person falls, losing balance and falls faster and faster! That's kind of how it was going. I was just trying so hard not to fall on the concrete driveway!  Again, I made it to a stop, standing up! A Thank You was sent to the Good Lord!.

Back to the trap, picked it up and took it over to the drivers side of the truck so my dogs wouldn't see the raccoon!

Limped back up the stairs and let Chief outside to potty!

Went into the bathroom and checked my leg. It was bleeding so washed it off and got it to stop. Think every muscle was pulled, shoulders hurt, hands hurt and I am breathing heavy.  I got scared.
Went in to sit down at the computer and found that safariLIVE was still running so chatted with them for a bit.  Finally, I had settled down. It was 1:20 a.m. and I finally made it back to my bed.  Took me a few minutes to get back to sleep but I finally did, only to hear BARK! at 4:30 a.m.  Got up, let Chief out.  Back to bed!

Back up at 6:45 a.m.  Let the dogs out, made coffee and am starting my day!! Told hubby about the raccoon and he took him for a ride to the other side of the river.

Wonder what will happen tonight or should I say early morning tomorrow?
This is what our live trap looks like and was about the size
of the raccoon early this morning


  1. Wow Mary!! I am just so glad your weren't hurt real bad....what injury you had was bad enough. Thank your hubby for taking the raccoon far enough away from the house. Just be careful!! <3


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