The weather can change to spring anytime for me. I am way passed ready for days of warmth. We have had a "real" winter this time and it started way back in November of 2018. We have had so much cold weather and snow!  Unfortunately, my weather station doesn't measure the snow.  I resorted to my ruler a few times.  One snow in January was at least 11 inches and maybe a tad more. Temperatures below 0°F many times and lots of times in the teens and twenties.
I have been feeding my birds through this winter and because of the many Starlings and House Sparrows I run out of food quickly.  The other reason I run out of food, yep you guessed it, the squirrels.  I looked out this morning and 3 of my feeders are gone.  The squirrels have learned how to knock them down and so they do. The one feeder is smaller than its original size because they chewed through the wires and created a hole. Hubby fixed that so I could still use it but now they continually knock it off the hook. I have some smaller wild-bird seed food too! The Chipmunk comes in and eats the majority of it.  Enough of the whining. Let's just say I am not a happy camper!

This morning, besides all the sparrows and starlings, I had an array of some of my favorite birds. The Cardinals were here. Have maybe 3 or 4 pairs of them around. Then I have the Eastern Bluebirds, which I am so happy they are around.  Bluebird of Happiness!  They really like the birdbath but noticed today they were on the seed cake and the suet. They really must be hungry and their normal feed spots are covered in snow or gone.  Dark-eyed Junco's are around but mostly feeding off the ground as are the White-throated Sparrow. The Carolina Wren was on the nuts. The feeders the Chickadee and Titmouse come to were knocked down.
I am so ready for Spring, warm weather and gardening! Take care everyone!

Eastern Bluebird- male

female Eastern Bluebird

of course he had to move just as I snapped
the picture

male Northern Cardinal and the females head

Female Northern Cardinal

Dark-eyed Junco
male Eastern Bluebird


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