The Birds, Raccoon and Me!

by Mary J Williams

I put out the suet
for the birds to eat
put it out all year round
even in the heat                                                                               

Woodpeckers and Nuthatches
Sparrows eat all day
suet goes fast enough
oh, here come that old Blue Jay

I was taking the suet in at night
because I saw that critter
the old raccoon eats it all
and leaves a lot of litter

He even does something
To the water in the bird bath
It looks mud and stuff
he is gaining all my wrath

I know, I know what you will say
they have to eat too
and that very well may be
I put out corn to chew

I collected all the suet
it's no longer hanging out
the raccoon will continue to visit
of that I have no doubt

Wonder if he will start on the seed                         
or maybe all the nuts
I hate to quit feeding the birds
but we shall see if I must

Then the birds will be mad                                       
I can hear them now
calling and calling for the seed
I'll stick to my guns I vow.

Will wait to see if the critter leaves
and if he doesn't come
the seed will go back out
but no more suet, not even a crumb

Well, that's not true
I have some on the shepherds hook
I think he can't reach it
I don't think he overlooked                                   

Too bad old coon
you don't get it all
you better be careful
or you might take a fall

And so my saga continues
of the problems with the critters
eating my suet, tearing up my plants
It's no wonder I got bitter

It's not just the raccoons
you know it's squirrels too
even the little chipmunk
makes me want to spew!

It is what it is
my brother's famous quote
I shake my head
and that is all she wrote!


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