Good Grief! It's only 3:15 A.M., Chief

My 12 year old dog's name is Chief.  Ever since we had the time change, he has not done well as far as going outside potty!  He never peed in the house since he was just a little one!  Since the upheaval of our family with the medical issues of "Dad", and the time change, our boy, Chief, has been a different animal.  Heck, who knows, could just be his age. Like all critters on earth, the older you get the more there is change!
The other thing is, I think his hearing is still very, very good!  There have been critters on the deck eating my suet!  I think the old boy hears them out there.  One morning, when he waited to wake me up at 4:15 A.M., there was one I saw.  I turned on the light, and let the dogs, oh yes, Chief wakes up the other two, out and a critter ran across the railing of the deck and down into the back yard.  I didn't see a long tail, so didn't think it was a raccoon.  I did look up the information on a ground hog. Yep, they can climb fences and it's possible one of those came up the steps and onto the deck and went after the suet.  Then again, maybe I just didn't see the tail.  All I know is there has been a critter on the deck eating the suet!  Hasn't messed with the nuts or the sunflower seed.  Well, it's almost 4 in the morning now.  I went out and took the suet out of the feeders.  Promptly dropped one to the ground below.  Went down the frozen steps, went in the basement and turned on the light. Scared a pair of Cardinals out of the ivy where they were sleeping. Went into the house and got the flashlight. Back outside and went to where the suet fell and there it was, laying on the ground.  I picked it up and noticed it had been chewed on.  So, maybe the old boy did hear a critter.  Oops, Chief is at the door barking, to get back in his nice warm house! I will let him in, and Rosebud, and turn off the lights and attempt to go back to sleep. Ha, Ha, Ha!
Chief- and before you ask, part Labrador and part Basset.
my name for that is Labass but you can find the breed by running Bassador


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