OMG it's Growing! Three Days Later-take a look!

I went outside yesterday and ran my lawnmower over all the leaves in the front yard in attempts to mulch them some.  While I was outside, I filled a flower pot with some soil to put that onion in that I found growing in my refrigerator (see previous blog). I forgot about the pot until this morning. I picked it up and carried to the back room.  I put that onion in the middle of the rick-rack cactus, I went to pick it up and put it in the pot and it wouldn't move.  The onion had already rooted in.  I couldn't believe it. Look at the shoots in the picture. First one was on the 22nd and the second was was taken this morning on the 25th.  Guess I will just leave it in that pot and see what happens.  LOL!

found on 11-22-2018 

put in this pot on 11-22-2018 picture taken 11-25-2018


  1. I love happy surprises! The onion was glad the winter (refrigerator) had passed so it was time to grow forth!

    1. Never had that happen before through all the years of putting an onion in that keeper! Sure surprised me!!!


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