Happy Thanksgiving and did I get a good laugh today

I am cooking and almost finished with dinner for myself and hubby and asked him if he wanted some green beans. "Sure", he said.  I proceeded to open a can of green beans and put a tablespoon of bacon grease in and reached for my onion container in the crisper.  I opened it up and started to laugh.  The onion had sprouted and had roots growing.  I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  Now, I decided I would put it in some soil.  I have some rick-rack cactus growing and there was a center area and I plopped the onion down there.  I have not clue if it will continue to grow. Can only wait and see! I walked to the kitchen, still smiling and laughing.  Then it came to me, I really needed to document this.  I grabbed my phone and started doing the picture taking. First of the container, then I went in the back room and took the onion out of the soil.  I think you can still see the growth and the roots!  This was just too funny!
The container was in the crisper like I have
done for many years

This is the container opened. The root portion
sat on the raised area

This is the growth I saw when I opened up
the onion container. 

These are the lovely roots.


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