Guess I better add Cooking to my Title of the Blog.

Today I decided I would roast some Poblano peppers and stuff a few tonight with some cheese, sausage and rice. No, I do not have a recipe. It's winging it time!
I went out on the deck and picked several peppers.  I washed them and then cut the tops off and seeded them.  I did keep some seeds to plant next year.
I watched a YouTube tutorial on blistering the peppers but I did it before quite a long time ago.  I figured I could do it again.
I had to split the peppers in two bunches as I had quite a few.  I rubbed each pepper down with olive oil and put them in a pan with sides.  I know how oil is and how the moisture runs amuck and I sure didn't want that burning in my oven.  Put the broiler on Hi and propped the door open and turned on the exhaust fan.  I could hear the popping and snapping of the skin. No, I am sure it wasn't Rice Crispy's. I turned them all over and after a few more minutes I took them out of the oven and put them in a glass bowl and put a plate on top. Need to let them steam.
I put in the other batch then.  I guess my smoke alarm decided I was getting too much smoke even with the exhaust fan on so beep, beep, beep!  I waved a towel at it and Hubby turned on the attic fan. That did it, smoke alarm quit......until I turned the peppers over. LOL! Oh well, waved the towel, turned on the fan and that was it.  By then the peppers were done, so I put them in another bowl with a plate lid on top to let them steam.
I know I waited longer then the 15 minutes, or seems like I did. I went in, took off the plate and proceeded to peel.  The peels came off really slick. There might have been a couple more stubborn about releasing their skin, but all in all wasn't a bad process.
Gonna stuff with rice, sausage and cheese mixture for supper and for those I don't use, will freeze for a later date!
By the way, Poblano peppers are a milder pepper but while cleaning them and washing off in hot water, I still sneezed, got my sinuses cleaned out and after peeling them I sure had to wash hands and rinse with some vinegar. You guessed right, no gloves!

Pictures should be in order that I did the peppers.
all washed

ready to blister

blistered and put in a bowl

Covered and steaming



Ready for use. 


  1. I fixed some of these for supper. Browned off 1lb of sausage and added maybe 1/4 of an onion chopped fine. I cooked white long grained rice. After sausage was done I put in 1 pt of my tomatoes and green chilies. Added a pint of cooked rice. While that was heating I stuffed 8 poblano with munster cheese curds. Used a toothpick to hold the together somewhat. I added a little say 1/2 cup, of my tomato juice and stirred the mixture then poured over the top of the peppers. I was using the 9x9 pan or it could be 8x8 I have no clue. I baked it at 375°F for around 20-25 mins until bubbling. I sliced off some Velveeta cheese on top and when melted took the dish from the oven. It is wonderful! Have some left for another meal. I had my canned peaches with it.


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