It didn't get done, but I am!

I started out this morning by picking up the dog poop and starting laundry and working on the Master Gardeners Newsletter for October.  I saw the time getting away from me so put everything down, went and got my hand shovel, clippers, my sitting palette and my container for the weeds.  I started at the bottom of the drive in the side area under the Pin Oaks.  Lot's of unwanted things growing.  Noticed two of the transplanted Heuchera (Coral Bells) had died.  Pulled out dandelions and other weeds that I have no clue what they are just know they weren't put there by me.   Worked up to the top, then sat on my palette and started in with all the violets, dandelions, crabgrass and a new one I learned at a Master Gardeners Field Day on Saturday. Sericea Lespedeza.  I guess the Conservation person said the name enough because not only could I say it, I knew what it looked like.
I was doing real well with the weeding but then, as normal, got sidetracked working on taking out the zoysia grass growing into the flower beds from in between the rock border.  This meant not only was I working out from the rocks about 4-5 inches I was lifting the rocks to get the grass out from under them.  It's quite the job.  I was working my way down the border and realized I was getting mighty tired and I still had to get all those grassy weeds out.  I then went back to my original plan of removing all that "stuff". 
I got to the sidewalk and looked on the other side and realized that nasty grassy stuff was over on the other side in the flower beds too.  I scooted over on the palette and kept on digging. I made it through the one section and decided I was way too tired to go farther and I better finish up the other side.  I scooted myself to the other side and started working down past the sidewalk and on down the flowerbeds.  Hubby came outside. "Do you realize it's almost 1:00 p.m."  Nope, I didn't. Yes, I had on a watch!  Do I look at it? No, I don't!  I finished up, somewhat, on that side down to where I had stopped on that side.  Hubby came out again, "Mary June Goose, you have to stop!"  Yes that's what he calls me. I was in the midst of picking up all the weeds and putting them in the bag. 
Would you believe I hurt!  I left the bag full of weeds. Just don't have the energy to haul them down to the backyard pile.  I went in the house, washed my hand, switched my laundry from the washer to the dryer and put in another load. Made it up the stairs and grabbed some water and my new favorite drink "Body Armor". It's a sports drink that works great!  Had a bite to eat and came in here to write this. Now I want to tell you, I cannot lift a cup of coffee by the handle with my right hand. It so sore from digging. A few pictures for you, of course! 

Another look at a different part of the flower beds

The Flower of the Kaliedascope Abilia

This is the yard where looking down where
the weeds are now missing

There is always a silver lining. These flowers
were wonderful to see!

This is the dirt now where it use to have many
different weeds. 


  1. I was going to mow the dog yard! I didn't even get to do that!

  2. Mary, I tired after reading what all you did that I am putting off my ironing till tomorrow!!! ;) lol Great Blog....

  3. You sure show me up Mary. If i had gone outside today the mosquitoes would have carried me away. they have come out in force and then some here.

    Body Armor is great stuff. It's better than the "ade" drinks and much less sodium in them


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