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It didn't get done, but I am!

I started out this morning by picking up the dog poop and starting laundry and working on the Master Gardeners Newsletter for October.  I saw the time getting away from me so put everything down, went and got my hand shovel, clippers, my sitting palette and my container for the weeds.  I started at the bottom of the drive in the side area under the Pin Oaks.  Lot's of unwanted things growing.  Noticed two of the transplanted Heuchera (Coral Bells) had died.  Pulled out dandelions and other weeds that I have no clue what they are just know they weren't put there by me.   Worked up to the top, then sat on my palette and started in with all the violets, dandelions, crabgrass and a new one I learned at a Master Gardeners Field Day on Saturday. Sericea Lespedeza.  I guess the Conservation person said the name enough because not only could I say it, I knew what it looked like. I was doing real well with the weeding but then, as normal, got sidetracked working on taking out the zoysi

Gardening Days Almost Over For Me

My previous post was how I weeded out about half of the garden as it was overrun by weeds while I was gone to Michigan.  There were 10-12 pumpkins hanging on the vines and a couple were on the ground.  I picked up two of them to take home. I just didn't have the energy to pick all of the pumpkins and the Butternut squash. I figured they would be okay until I came back.  I really should have known better!  Or maybe it's that I am too trusting? I am so disappointed in people right now!  Almost all the pumpkins were taken by someone.  I did manage to get a couple for Teresa but the rest of them were gone.  I went over to look at the squash and the zucchini was missing.  I am getting so upset! I went to get the Butternut Squash. My favorite.  Out of approximately 17 of them hanging at one point in time, there are only 6 and one of them is tiny and not ripe at all.  One looked like it had been stepped on!  A couple for Teresa and 4 for me.  I looked at the tomatoes and couldn