Use Leaves of Plants instead of Flowers

I was disappointed because I couldn't plant all the flowers I usually plant. Garden kept me busy and then there was colder weather with rain and I just wasn't able to do much.  As I was walking around this morning watering the plants, I took a really, really good look and saw all kinds of textures and colors in my yard.  Yes, I did have a few plants that were blooming, but when you have a fairly nice large area, you would think I would have more.
I decided to do a little picture study of the different leaves, the textures and the colors.  Some had bloomed earlier in the spring but just leaves now.  Some have beautiful leaves and insignificant flowers, such as the Coleus. 
Posting the pictures on here is tricky but I will try. You will see how pretty all the leaves are!  If you would like to see these pictures in a larger size I am going to upload all to my Flickr account.  The URL is :                           ENJOY!


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