The Garden Over Run with Weeds and The End of Summer Video

The garden was over run with weeds as I wasn't around to work in the garden.  Life gets in the way sometimes and you have to take care of business.

Yesterday was my first time back at the Master Gardener's gardens - River City Gardens - across the river - North Jefferson City.  Going to do some up-dating of the Medicine Wheel.

Today was at the garden plot and Wow!  The weeds did take over.  I got out the weed eater and went around the outside edges of the garden.  I thought that Parks and Rec were supposed to mow from the road to the edges of the gardens but that hasn't happened all gardening season.

After the weed eating, I pulled out my little pallet that I sit on, grabbed my trusty hand shovel, put the refuse bag just behind me so I could pull it along with the handle at the bottom and started to work. As I was working, I was listening to all the sounds. The bugs making noises, the birds singing away and the corn stalks making rustling noises in the wind.

I felt like I was listening to the sounds of the end of summer. I tried to capture those sounds on a video for you. I hope you enjoy!

I also have the pictures of the before and after weeding pictures!  Remember, all done by hand!

Over run with weeds

I had just started the weed eating and stopped
to get a picture

This was before I had done the weed eating. This is how over
grown it all was

The sunflowers are blooming even with their
late start

One section of the garden weeded

I even went past the cattle panel, my line
to stop, and did a tad more

I don't remember how many 30 gallon bags I filled. At least
five and probably more!

Turn your volume up on your computer!


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