The Experiment Continues but Only One!

Seeing as the squirrels tore out my experiment on the tomatoes, that one has ended. 
This is going to be a real short post.  I checked that pepper and would you believe there are blooms on it.  Now, I sure hope we get to see a pepper growing. That would be the best ending of all!

Oh and the Crossandra has more blooms and a seed pod.

Did you all know how easy it is to start new Coleus.  If you break a piece, take off the lower leaves, leaving a couple at the top, put in water, making sure, no leaves are in the water. If you notice blooms starting to form, pinch them out also. Within a week or two, you will have roots growing and you can plant it probably the next week. See how much of a root system there is.  If it looks good, plant it.  I just planted three that were broken off. They had been in a glass of water on my windowsill.

Notice the flowers on the peppers!  Picture taken today 8-14-2018


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