On The Deck With Birds, Flowers and A Pepper Plant

I was on the deck brushing the dogs when a few brave birds came flying in. When they saw us there they flew off. The Downy Woodpecker doesn't do that! The Downy is a brave soul and comes in to her feeder and looks at us and then continues to feed.  I, of course, had the camera handy and took a couple of pictures.  That doesn't bother Mrs. Downy either.  About 6 different species of birds flew in and right back out.  I laughed because Mrs. Downy was eating in peace, didn't have to fight for the feeder and ate her fill!

I took pictures of my little Crossandra that I grew from a broken branch.  It is looking so pretty. This flower is an annual but I did keep it over winter. Those three are in the front yard and have bloomed all summer long even in all this heat.  I just make sure I water them.  The other Crossandra was given to me by my movie buddy, Jenelle Schwieterman.  So now I have five of them and I am determined to overwinter them again.

The pepper plant. Not in all my dreams would I envision a pepper plant this tall unless I was in the book "Jack and the Beanstalk". They might have had a pepper plant grow up to the sky!  This is a Poblano Pepper. You know, this pepper is the one they make chile rellenos with. I picked a few the other day. No heat! I thought they should have had some heat to them. I will try another one or pick one off the other plants and see if all these Poblanos are the same, with no heat.
Mrs. Downy

I love this Woodpecker

The small Crossandra from a broken piece

Crossandra from my movie buddy

One tall Poblano Pepper


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