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The Garden Over Run with Weeds and The End of Summer Video

The garden was over run with weeds as I wasn't around to work in the garden.  Life gets in the way sometimes and you have to take care of business. Yesterday was my first time back at the Master Gardener's gardens - River City Gardens - across the river - North Jefferson City.  Going to do some up-dating of the Medicine Wheel. Today was at the garden plot and Wow!  The weeds did take over.  I got out the weed eater and went around the outside edges of the garden.  I thought that Parks and Rec were supposed to mow from the road to the edges of the gardens but that hasn't happened all gardening season. After the weed eating, I pulled out my little pallet that I sit on, grabbed my trusty hand shovel, put the refuse bag just behind me so I could pull it along with the handle at the bottom and started to work. As I was working, I was listening to all the sounds. The bugs making noises, the birds singing away and the corn stalks making rustling noises in the wind. I felt

The Experiment Continues but Only One!

Seeing as the squirrels tore out my experiment on the tomatoes, that one has ended.  This is going to be a real short post.  I checked that pepper and would you believe there are blooms on it.  Now, I sure hope we get to see a pepper growing. That would be the best ending of all! Oh and the Crossandra has more blooms and a seed pod. Did you all know how easy it is to start new Coleus.  If you break a piece, take off the lower leaves, leaving a couple at the top, put in water, making sure, no leaves are in the water. If you notice blooms starting to form, pinch them out also. Within a week or two, you will have roots growing and you can plant it probably the next week. See how much of a root system there is.  If it looks good, plant it.  I just planted three that were broken off. They had been in a glass of water on my windowsill. Notice the flowers on the peppers!  Picture taken today 8-14-2018

Use Leaves of Plants instead of Flowers

I was disappointed because I couldn't plant all the flowers I usually plant. Garden kept me busy and then there was colder weather with rain and I just wasn't able to do much.  As I was walking around this morning watering the plants, I took a really, really good look and saw all kinds of textures and colors in my yard.  Yes, I did have a few plants that were blooming, but when you have a fairly nice large area, you would think I would have more. I decided to do a little picture study of the different leaves, the textures and the colors.  Some had bloomed earlier in the spring but just leaves now.  Some have beautiful leaves and insignificant flowers, such as the Coleus.  Posting the pictures on here is tricky but I will try. You will see how pretty all the leaves are!  If you would like to see these pictures in a larger size I am going to upload all to my Flickr account.  The URL is :                           ENJOY!

On The Deck With Birds, Flowers and A Pepper Plant

I was on the deck brushing the dogs when a few brave birds came flying in. When they saw us there they flew off. The Downy Woodpecker doesn't do that! The Downy is a brave soul and comes in to her feeder and looks at us and then continues to feed.  I, of course, had the camera handy and took a couple of pictures.  That doesn't bother Mrs. Downy either.  About 6 different species of birds flew in and right back out.  I laughed because Mrs. Downy was eating in peace, didn't have to fight for the feeder and ate her fill! I took pictures of my little Crossandra that I grew from a broken branch.  It is looking so pretty. This flower is an annual but I did keep it over winter. Those three are in the front yard and have bloomed all summer long even in all this heat.  I just make sure I water them.  The other Crossandra was given to me by my movie buddy, Jenelle Schwieterman.  So now I have five of them and I am determined to overwinter them again. The pepper plant. Not in all