Weeds, Weeds, Everywhere. Where they grow- they do not care!

A portion of the garden had stuff removed and then Teresa planted two Squash. The weeds were overtaking the area and were back in the potatoes again too.  I can't do a lot of bending to weed, so I have this cool mat I got years ago and I sit on it and grab my little shovel and away I go.  There were times I did stand and bend though, over in the potatoes.  Really no room to sit!  As I was digging the weeds, I found some very small onions.  Looked like the tops died so they quit growing and were way under the dirt til' now.  Then I found some marigolds.  I knew Teresa planted some but I didn't think she planted there.  Maybe some dropped seed. Anyway, I weeded around them just because!  It was HOT! By the time I left, my clothes were dripping wet and I kid you not!  Came home and did water on the side of the house and the driveway and then said, "that's it!  I can't do anymore" Whew!!!
Guess what it's 4:26 PM and we had .30 of rain.  Not much, but better than nothing!

The whole area from the broccoli to the zinnias by hand
These are the few onions I found

Two of the marigolds

One Marigold


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