Running on Fumes but Getting it Done!

Too much to do! Not much sleep last night! You know, it was one of "those" nights!  I managed to get some laundry started and even did some dusting before I laid back down to see if I could get a couple of more hours of sleep.  Finally off to the gardens and picked the last of the corn.  Picked a few tomatoes and checked to see if the Butternut squash was ready, Nope, not according to the videos I watched earlier.  Patience! Grabbed the tiller and tilled where I dug up the potatoes.  Except where the Zinnias are, couldn't till there very well at all. The squash is getting lots of blooms and hopefully they produce. We have enough pollinator flowers to draw in the pollinators.
I went through and marked all the pretty Zinnias I'd like to try and get seed from. 
Then watered. While doing that, I noticed I actually have some green peppers growing. At least one plant is putting on fruit! 
Hopefully it will rain at the gardens.  Supposed to rain but you know how that goes!
As always, while at the gardens I took a couple of pictures.  Saw my first American Goldfinch out there and I can't go without taking a picture of a butterfly.
I got home and watered the stuff there on the driveway. I noticed I have Long Thin Cayenne Peppers.  I had no clue what the seeds were that I planted and now I know!
I was so tired, I said, "God, it's up to you to finish the watering." "I can't do anymore."  We have had almost half inch of rain! Thank You, Lord!

 Variegated Fritillary 7-26-2018
North Jefferson City, MO
American Goldfinch -7-26-2018 North Jefferson City, MO

American Goldfinch 7-26-2018
North Jefferson City, MO
Last of the corn. Lots of cutting away, small but good! 7-26-2018


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