I Have Done, Yard, Gardens and Critters- Where are the Birds?

Some of you know about my kitchen window.  I love my kitchen window and take many, many pictures through the glass and screen.  Not too bad of pictures.  The other day there were sparrows on this circular feeder I have.  They got into a great big argument. One was being a big bully for sure.  There was enough room for them all but that one Sparrow did not want to share.

Then there was the feeder closest to the window. The Finches were on it. first the male then two females came in and shoved him off. He came back and fought his way to the middle of the other two. You can just barely see the red color on the top of his head. I think these are all House Finches.

Then the big girl came. There was actually a bird that was going to argue with it for the suet.  That little bird did not win!  Love watching the Pileated Woodpecker.  He was on the suet twice yesterday. Good photo opportunity.  I quit making pickles to grab the camera. LOL!
All getting along at this point 

The bullying begins

Fan-tailed bully

 You can barely see the little
tiny piece of red on the House Finch
head. He is in the middle.
See the stripes on the side belly of the
closest one? That's how you tell the
Finch female from a Sparrow.


The Pileated Woodpecker- female
what an awesome bird


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