I Actually Harvested My First Ever Corn!!!!!

Through the many years of gardening, Jim and I have attempted to grow corn.  We had never ever succeeded.  If it wasn't bugs, then we didn't plant the corn right, or if we did get some ears, the raccoons beat us to all the ears.  After a few years of this type of failure, we eventually quit trying! Our garden was in Chamois and we lived approximately 45 minutes away!  We weren't able to go to Chamois daily.
When we started gardening across the river, I thought about it, but after talking to several of the gardeners and how they lose the corn to raccoons, I quickly gave up that idea. I just couldn't let the idea go though.  When I got that delicious corn from Ted, I had visions of growing my own again. This year I asked Teresa about growing corn and told her I had read about the 3 sisters which I wanted to try!  Three sisters is the Native American way!  First you plant corn, when it reaches the height of 6 to 8 inches, you plant pole beans. The beans then use the corn to climb. Around the base, you plant squash which the raccoons don't like because it's prickly.  Teresa planted the corn but it was in rows not a circle. Which was fine with me.  I watered and watered. I didn't get the pole beans planted until the corn was almost 4 feet tall. I kept forgetting to bring the seed. It's a Mary thing!  Well, finally I put some seed in the ground but by then the corn was so tall it just shaded the beans. Some came up but I never did see it grow. LOL!  Never did do squash. I had some on the other side of the garden.  One can only eat so much squash. Besides I had pumpkins growing nearby and they have prickly leaves and stems too! The Japanese Beetles tried to wipe my ears of corn out but I dusted some seven finally, and saved the corn.
Today, July 16, 2018 I brought home 14 ears of corn. Six of those I gave to Teresa!!. Eight ears I brought home.  There was one in the eight that wasn't a filled out ear.  I cut of the tips of all the ears where the bugs had been, washed them all, blanched them for 3 minutes, put them in the ice-cold water, cooled them down, wiped them off and put them in packages. Two ears for each package.
Do you know how proud I am right now!   Besides bringing the corn home I brought some tomatoes. Some are green or just turning but the bugs have had quite a feast and I wanted some before they destroyed them all.

My first ever corn actually picked 7-16-2018

All cleaned -3 for supper tonight- rest for freezer after blanching

The rest I brought home. By the way, and Anaheim pepper has heat!!


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