Garden = Outside, Sun, Hard Work, Sweat = Fresh Produce + Benefits

What's so great about gardening?
Don't you know you can buy a jar of pickles cheaper than you can do yourself? That's the type of question you hear. Or, it's so much easier going to the store and picking up a can of corn. Yes, I guess it is!
But you know, I still like to garden and do you know why? The satisfaction of doing it yourself.  I am out of the air-conditioning and in the sun and fresh air. Do I get hot, you bet! I sweat and I don't mean the Southern "Glisten". I sweat!  My clothes get filthy! I hurt lots of times when I finish. Today, I dug some potatoes to see how they were doing. I smiled as there were 10 potatoes on one plant. I picked some tomatoes. I grinned a lot because I got fresh corn.
I saw birds flying around and bees and the beautiful butterflies. I had my camera and got some good pictures, I hoped!  What more could you ask for?
I really can't explain it. I feel like I know what's going into my meals. I don't have to worry about preservatives or GMO or added sugars. Nothing like that. I made pickles. The ingredients were cucumbers, vinegar, salt, garlic, a pepper, bay leaf, dill and the Ball Pickle Crisp. The only unknown is the Pickle Crisp. I grew the cucumbers, the peppers, and the dill. I did have to buy the rest of the ingredients but most is fresh grown out of the garden. Just like my salad tonight, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. Yep, all from the garden.
Then there is the corn. I am so happy about the corn. I had never ever been able to grow corn and get the produce. It never did well or the raccoons beat me to the ears of corn. I feel positively on top of the world. I ate some tonight from the ears I picked today. Nothing better than fresh corn on the cob. Actually, there is nothing better than a homegrown tomato or potato. If you have never had something fresh from the ground, and can't or won't garden, go to a local farmer's market and get you fresh tomatoes and potatoes and corn and green beans. I'm telling you, it will spoil you forever!

Corn ready to blanch and freeze

Black Swallowtail

The produce from the garden

The salad - oh so yummy!

Spicebush Swallowtail

The squash just recently planted

Sunflowers tripled in height in just a couple of days! 


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