Experiment - A Grown Woman Crying Over A Tomato? Yep, Me, This Morning

I know it's just a dumb tomato, but darn it, I wanted to see it grow and bare fruit! I guess it would have made me feel good that I saved the tomato and it became two tomatoes. But, Alas, it wasn't meant to be! I had all my bird seed to refill the feeders. The birds are in a feeding frenzy. Finishing off the 5 x 6 block and the round donut block in just over a day, plus the mixed seed in the platform feeder gone in a day. The platform feeder had help with Chipmunks taking a good majority of the seed! I turned around to look at the one bird feeder to see if I needed to refill it and saw the tomato leaves all over the soil of the planter!  I said "oh no" and started crying! I was so darned upset! Again, it's crazy, silly, dumb and other adjectives I can't think of, to stand there and blubber on the deck over a tomato.  Because I am who I am, I calmly walked into the house and went and got my camera. I took pictures for the documentation of the experiment gone bad now.
Just so you know, the pepper is still growing. New leaves on the top part and flower buds on the main plant that grew out of the broken stem. For reference you can check back on the other blog post 10 days ago to see the pictures I took then!
For a lighter note and a smile on my face, I end with the Crossandra.  One broken stem, put in a glass of water on my windowsill. It sat there forever it seemed like. I changed water often and it finally sprouted roots.  I let the roots grow for a while and took the plant out and put in the pot where I had removed the bug infested brussel sprout.  This morning I have flowers blooming on the little plant!  So I end with a smile on my face!

The remains of the top that was growing so pretty

The main stalk that had a new shoot - now broken again. 

The top of the pepper with new leaf shoots 7-30-2018

The bud off the main pepper. There are
several of them.

The Crossandra, Grown from a broken piece.


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