Critters and Bugs and the garden. What a day!

My morning started with watering what few plants I have left on the deck. Seeing as the squirrels ate off most of the leaves and were ripping off the green tomatoes, I gave it up and pulled them all. Oh, except for the experiment. If the squirrels leave it alone, we might see what happens to the plant they tore up.
I leaned over the side of the deck to water the Hardy Azaleas and caught the flash of movement! Aha, a chipmunk running from the water, to the neighbors.  I continued watering and I watched the chipmunk and he was watching me.  I propped the hose on the fence of the deck and went inside to grab my camera. Took a few shots of him sitting there. Finished watering and back in the house. Then I got all these words in my head so had to write them down.  Another poem! 
Then, after grabbing my water and coffee, off to the garden. Already hot out there and humid. Talked to a neighbor gardener and then started pulling the Japanese Beetle infested green beans.  Yes, we did put on Seven dust. Guess they were eating around it.  After 4 large refuse bags full, and me dripping wet, I left for home with produce in a 5 gallon bucket.
I bet you thought the bucket was full. Not hardly! Not even enough, really, to cover the bottom of the bucket.  The tomatoes I picked all have holes in them from bugs, (I am assuming that) and the two cucumbers don't look real good and maybe a handful of green beans off all those plants.  Yes, I took pictures of everything.  That's what I do. LOL! 
I am home and have two poems written. One about the green beans and the first one about the chipmunk. 
I am writing this blog and it's only 11:56 a.m. Central Time. 

The Chipmunk
Mary J Williams ©

Critters, Critters everywhere
I see one run across the yard
He is hiding in a bush
The branches not too hard

He is hiding at the neighbors
He made a real fast dash
I saw him as I watered
He didn’t like the splash

I looked at him
He looked at me
I put the hose down
He thought he might be free

I went into the house
Got my camera for a shot
I went back outside
He may be gone I thought

Nope, he’s still sitting there
The Chipmunk hadn’t moved
I took three pictures
So, the sighting could be proved

I think he has many tunnels
Over here around my house
But he made the dash to Sam’s
He thinks I’m such a louse

After all, I put out mothballs
To keep the chipmunk away
I see some telltale signs though
Which shows me they still come to play

They gather many seeds from feeders
Until their cheeks are full
Then run into the planter
To spit them like a bull

They never figure out
When I water there, they grow
The little plants abound
I pull them and to the ground I throw

The chipmunk comes back
And digs several holes
But, no seeds does he find
He doesn’t meet his goals

Poor little chipmunk
He doesn’t understand
He will never get those seeds
So, this will be the end

My other poem I wrote was after I got home from the garden.

The Green Beans
By Mary J Williams ©
I went to the gardens today
And what did I see
A bunch of Japanese Beetles
Chewing on leaves

I went to pull the green beans
Where the beetles tend to play
So, I finally figured
These plants need to go away

Barely any produce
On all those many vines
Gonna plant a fall crop
And put up “Do Not Eat” signs

By the time I get new bean seeds
And they begin to grow
Those nasty little beetles
Won’t be around no more

I Hope!


  1. Mary, i know it must be frustrating, with the animals eating you produce, but i love the poems...some are funny and some are inspirational... <3


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