The planting experiments - results so far!

Don't know if you remembered or if I posted here or on my Facebook page. I broke off a pepper.  Not the critters this time, but me!  I figured the pepper would grow out from the joint just above or below the break. Have done it before. I took the broken top and pushed it into the soil and watered it. I was having a hard time keeping the chipmunk from digging holes and burying his seed, so I put a cage around it. Silly me, the openings are so large (to keep squirrels out and large birds) a two ton chipmunk could fit through them.  I planted the pepper May 9th, it was broken off not too long after that. 

Then the other day the squirrel, I am assuming, used my tomato for a jungle gym. I probably let the dogs out and he took off. Or, then again, he might have just been eating it like I caught him doing today!  The tomato has sprouted from the side. The thing is now to see if it bears fruit. The story goes, no center stem, no fruit. 

The top was broken out and I found it. Took off the lower leaves and pushed it into the soil too! So far it's looking good? We shall see, as the chipmunk was in the barrel burying seed around it this morning. 

tomato sprout from main stem

This is the top portion of the tomato



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