The Chipmunk is still at it! 6-15-2018

Every morning, I go out on the deck and water my plants.  The bugs are eating the cabbage and the Brussel Sprouts. I have to go through every pot and weed out the sunflowers that were planted by the chipmunk. Not only that, it is now tearing off my tomato leaves.  Retaliating against me because he can't find his seeds back.  The silly thing is not aware the seeds all sprout.  He needs to learn those seeds he stuffs in his mouth for later are well planted and watered by me and therefore all of them sprout, no food will there be!
The pictures are the sprouts that were in one of the 1/2 whiskey barrels.  There is 16 to 26 in each pile that the chippy plants! 

Just think this many daily in at least 5 containers. 


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