The 8th through the 12th - The weeds know when to grow!

Got home on the 12th. Didn't check the garden until the 13th. I couldn't believe it. Weeds sure do know when to grow, but so did the corn.  It's really tall!  I know it had to of grown 12 inches or better in that length of time.  The pumpkin did too.  I am going to the garden early this morning while it's still cool out.  Was 67°F this morning when I let the dogs out. Made my coffee, made my bed and decided to write this!  I took just one picture of the corn yesterday afternoon. Today I will try and do a couple of comparison shots. Hope I figure out how to do that so you can see! Also was upset to see mating Japanese Beetles.  Not a good sign for any garden!!

mating Japanese Beetles is not a good sign

tall corn


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