Meanwhile, at my house!

I have talked about the carrot box and so there is a picture here of it. I have little tiny carrots coming up (ones the critters missed digging up) and there are a couple of peppers and the unknown plants. 
My milkweed is just now starting to bloom.  I have Joe Pye Weed that isn't in bloom yet and some coneflowers and phlox. Hopefully after my trip to Michigan, they will be closer or in bloom so I can show you what they look like. Have another native of some sort going to bloom only this plant is taking over the area. Invasive! Probably will have to remove it as fast as it's taking over the area.  I thought I removed the mallow but its there too.  The Tiger Eye Sumac is spreading it's wings all over the place also!  I will have plenty to keep me busy when I get back home for sure
the right side of the carrot box with two peppers and unknow

the unknown plant

Common Milkweed

More blooms coming.  Butterflies in area, come on

Milkweed flower cluster so pretty


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