A month and a half of gardening at the house and I give up.  I already pulled out 3 of the cabbage and brussel sprout plants. Going to pull those up along the sidewalk in front and those in the 1/2 whiskey barrel. Too hot for them anyway and the bugs/worms have eaten so much they should be happy campers.  My tomatoes might make it, although the squirrels are ripping off the leaves. They will probably start tearing off the tomatoes like they did last year.  A bite or two, enough to ruin the tomato, throw it down and work on another.  Well, I tried to grow some produce here at home. Just isn't going to work.  I do have the peppers growing though. Couple of Plabano's can be picked soon unless I let them turn red.  I will put a couple of flowers in with the tomato in the barrel. Coleus is going in the other with the cucumber. Not going to fight it anymore.  Went to Longfellow's Nursery and purchased some Vinca, a small Shasta Daisy, a type of coreopsis, a type of aster, Angelonia and some coleus.  I will give you names and pictures after I plant them. Three species are perennial. Not going out in this heat now! Early start in the morning. Water the river plots and plant at home. Lot's to do!
Hubby just came home and there was a deer in the back yard. Bet he finished off the rest of the Hostas.

Before it got all ate up

What it looks like today

the other one today

Middle of the stalk stripped of leaves. Leaf growth
at the bottom and top. 


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