Having a garden and leaving for four days? Not Good!

I watered at my house first, mostly! LOL!  Took off to take Granddaughter to summer school and then over to the garden plots.  Had to hoe.  Weeds just love to try and take over and I am not going to let them!!  After hoeing and putting grass clippings around some of the plants, I finally planted the pole beans by the corn.  Corn is probably too high now and the beans won't get enough sun. Who knows. We shall see. Then I watered. I watered the Robins that stopped by and scared a rabbit. I hope Teresa gets home from her vacation so she can water if we don't get rain, while I am gone.  Afraid the weeds will take over in the time I am gone!  I will plan on spending a few hours in the garden when I get back home. Hope my darling husband will water my plants at home!!! My mom is going to be 100 years of age!  Some things you just can't ignore and they take precedence over everything else!  Sing a Happy Birthday song on June 10th for my mom!

small sweet pumpkin flower

pumpkin plant

the corn o 6-7-2018

the garden 6-7-2018

the garden rabbit


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