Catching up is so very hard to do! 6-15-2018

Middle of June, back from Michigan, tons of "stuff" to catch up. Watering the plants in the yard and at the garden was number one on the agenda. When I went over to the river garden plots, I couldn't believe my eyes.  Not only did everything grow, some grew almost double their size, I kid you not!  Of course the weeds were horrible.  I got out the hoe and did some hoeing by the onions. Then I got my little ground cloth, my refuse bag behind me, my gloves are on, shovel in hand. Away I went! Down the 25 feet and back up the 25 feet. Went through the corn and pulled off the suckers, on the recommendation of my gardening partner.  I didn't know corn grew suckers!  Weeded and picked up rocks as I went along. Did the two rows over by the beans and tomatoes. That was another 50 feet total.  I am doing this all by hand and, yes, by this time, the wrist and hands are saying "Quit Already". So I did.  I was intending on watering but found out (thanks MFA) the water was turned off by water company. Even had a boil order out.  Had to have a repair fixed. Evidently it was fixed and re-broke so now fixing again.  I left my phone number with MFA and came home to grab some lunch.  Just got finished and the phone rang.  Water is on, So, back to the garden to water. An hour later back home again.  Watered in my front yard. Whew.  House stuff then which I will not bore you with.
Japanese Beetles -Mating- not a good sign

my tall corn- grew at least 12 inches

corn and the pumpkin - cucumbers closer then
beans and the tomatoes

tomatoes and far back is squash on the panel
and on the edge are the flowers 

The corn comparison

the pumpkin comparison

corn and the peppers


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