Butterflies and Potato Bugs

I had some fun today taking pictures of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly, the American Painted Lady and the White Cabbage butterfly.
Then as I was weeding all down the line of potatoes, I was smashing potato bugs with my fingers and smashing the eggs that were on the leaves.  Figured out when the eggs are first laid they are kind of yellow and tiny. Then when they start to grow, the eggs turn more orange and are a dark orange later on. That's probably just before they hatch. Several beetles I missed, and they fell back to the ground.
I did get some produce to take home: one tomato, picked four heads of broccoli and when weeding, one small onion popped out so got it too!
There is some sort of wilt or something on the pumpkin plant, which could be caused by a bug.  I couldn't find anything but I believe they bore inside the stem.

Black Swallowtail 

American Lady

Tassels on the corn

Think these are older eggs on the potato plant leaf-
Brighter orange color


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