Be Prepared 6-1-2018

What a day in the garden. I just got there and realized I forgot the pole bean seeds I was going to plant.  I grabbed my hoe and went up and down the path ways trying to get rid of the ever sprouting weeds.  I had a pile of grass clippings that I got from the Master Gardeners (I am one) River City Gardens.  I put some around my cucumbers and thought I would call my friend who is gardening with me.  I did! Did you know there was 5 hours difference between us in Central Missouri and Hawaii?  HAHAHAHA!  Guess who I talked to at 3:30 a.m.and guess where she is visiting right now?

Hawaii Standard Time

Current Offset: UTC/GMT -10 hours

Difference: 5 hours behind Jefferson City

I learn something new every day!  She talked to me for a good 15 minutes.  It was fun!  
I mulched her cucumbers with the grass.  After the hoeing and mulching, I grabbed the hose and started to water.  I noticed a couple of tomatoes that needed to be tied up.  Went back to the car and went through every thing and couldn't find the stuff I use.  I had some baling twine laying there so, okay, I will use it. Do you think, after searching the car from stem to stern, I could find anything sharper then a cuticle scissors. Nope!  I finally sawed one piece off and tied up one tomato. I finished watering, checked to see if any of the other Basil came up (nope) and pulled some weeds by hand over by the flowers. Was going to go to the River City Gardens and water some transplants with the fertilized water. Not my day, I forgot that too.  I did however remember it was NATIONAL DONUT DAY and went to Schulte's and bought a dozen. LOL!
I even forgot to take a picture of the garden. 

I will share the picture of the dill that I took the other day when the fog/dew was so thick


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