Another day in the garden 6-3-2018

Another day in the garden.  My first encounter was with a rabbit. I don't know what it was eating on but was over in the tomatoes.
Couldn't find anything eaten so he just may have been strolling looking for something and hadn't made it to the cabbages and stuff yet.  He went to another garden when I showed up. Smart move on his part!

I checked my corn and yet again forgot to bring the seeds for the pole beans.  I wonder if I will ever remember to bring them so I can plant them.

Tied up the tomatoes as they were getting really droopy.  Weeded the neighbors Johnson Grass.  I do not want that stuff to seed out.   I hoed around the tomatoes some.  Had to pull the straw away, then do the hoeing.  Went and checked on Teresa's Okra. I weeded around them and put some of the leaf mulch around them. Ground was wet so they must have had more rain then us.  I didn't water.

Hungarian peppers

tomatoes tied up

this is how high the corn is now on 6-3-2018

I forgot. At home, after I did weed eating in the dog yard, I sat down for a well deserved rest. As I was sitting there a motion caught my attention off to my left.  I watched and saw a male bluebird fly and grab one of the berries off the Service Berry Bush. I watched as he flew to my dead dogwood.  He then went after another berry and this time flew to a bird that was on one of the branches of the dogwood.  It was one of his chicks. He popped the berry into the young bluebirds mouth.  I had considered earlier to go get my camera but was afraid I would miss something.  Which I would have.  After this feeding, they flew into another tree, so I went and got my camera, just in case they came back.  They did but dad was to fast for me.  He and the young one went to the neighbors wagonwheel where I did snap a picture.  The lighting is not the best but as least I got a picture of dad and chick 6-3- 2018. By the way, I had seen the berries were ripe, at least a few. I went and tasted one. They are good!


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