Adult Attention Disorder- Is there really such a thing?

I had the rest of my plantings to do. I grab my planting tools and refuse bag and put it on the boardwalk, go grab the hose and start watering. Got most of the watering done and just had to stop and weed a couple of things. Got the hose and finished watering the items along the driveway and hard to reach areas with the other hose. Turned off the water and then turned it back on. Emptied the dogs and critters water bowl and filled it back up. Okay, now back to the planting. Got the holes dug for the 3 plants and decided the Vinca would be easy to put in. Planted them in with the tomato in the whiskey barrel. I needed some soil for the plants. Walked with the bucket to the North side of the house. The Coral Bells (Heuchera) were almost dead and I couldn't find my painted Japanese Ferns. I dug up the three remaining Coral Bells, put soil in the bucket, weeded the area and put the Coral Bells on top of the soil to carry up front. By this time, Jim decided to take the dogs for a ride. Lacy took off on him and came up to the front yard. I thought she would just come to me, but nope the little bugger didn't. She ran in the street, crossed the street went on her merry way. Ignoring me totally. Jim finally crossed the street (he has trouble walking). Thought we were going to get her, Nope! By this time I am crying! Finally Jim got over close and grabbed her. Thank you Lord!!!! During this episode I hit my hand on the concrete step of the neighbors or something and hurt my hand. Like a sprain. At first thought was broken. I took off my rings due to the swelling. Back to the yard, digging with my left hand and planted the 3 plants. Decided to put some of the Vinca in the corner plot up by the street. First had to clear out the weeds, then I dug out Zoysia grass. Then started to plant the Vinca. Oops, needed more soil to work in, so, back down to fill some into the bucket. After planting those, decided to dig out some of the Zoysia from the area where Crepe Myrtle is planted. By this time my hand is not giving me fits at all so guess it's okay! Reset the rocks and got, oh maybe 6 feet or so and decided to quit. Went with the refuse bag, shovel and garden mat down the side of the house to empty the bag. Stopped along the way because there were so many weeds by the Autumn Olive bush. Yep, I started weeding again all around the Autumn Olive bush then down the fence. Jim called out and said you better come in. LOL! This was an hour later. I emptied the bag of the weeds, walked up the hill and realized I needed to water up front, and so I did! I finally made into the house!

All done

Coral Bells (Heuchera)

Hope I didn't wait to long to move these- they look awful


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