4 hours in the front planting annuals and perennials

Took out the Brussel Sprouts that I had planted with my tomato. Something was stripping the tomato leaves. I have no clue but the chipmunk has been in that planter before!  Pulled all the cabbage out along the sidewalk. Started the planting along the edge of the driveway up against the wall. I had to clean out the weeds first. Then put in the Vinca  (Pacifica XP Apricot). Pulled out some weeds in the driveway cracks then up into the front yard. Pulled the pansies out and put in one white Angelonia in center of each pot then put 3 of the Vinca in.  Next I cleaned out the roots and weeds and dead leaves from tulips on the left side of house, under the bay window.  I put the Coreopsis there. Might plant something more later. The name of the coreopsis is on the picture. This was a hard winter on many plants.  My thyme was half dead so had to do a lot of clipping out of the dead branches. I knew I was wearing down so went and put in the four posts of coleus to get them done.  I planted one of the daisies and one of the Asters and sat and looked at the other ones. Packed all my stuff up in a neat little pile, grabbed the hose, watered all that I just planted plus some of my other plants. Grabbed some water. Ate lunch started typing this and fell asleep in the chair.  Off to put the stuff away and do some laundry! See you next time!

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wonder what the cucumber will do in the part shade

have to finish planting these another day

love this planter


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