Gardening at the river plots and at my house side-back yard.

5-28-2018 Check out my page on the Chipmunk

Started in at 6:40 a.m. to try and complete at least the left side of the sidewalk.  I trimmed back the climbing rose. There is a pretty purple Crepe Myrtle along the fence. I have tried to dig it out before and it come back. I dug it out again and transplanted it away from the fence a little and in that area put some of the mint (I may be sorry later and have to dig it back up). I trimmed the Lamb's Ear a little, If one of the little Crepe Myrtle spouts makes it (I potted up 3) I am going to put one of them there instead.  The other side (right of the sidewalk) I just cleaned in a couple of feet.  So much to do on that side and just looking at it overwhelms me.  My Little Boy Blue, I made in ceramics, got uncovered and after digging up the unwanted rose bush, I placed him in his on little area.  The dwarf raspberries got uncovered too.  I washed out the bird bath (2) and finished weeding down the sidewalk. I hosed it down some. Done at 9:25 a.m.That's all I can handle!

Image 1
Looking down the sidewalk after working

Image 2 Transplanted Myrtle

Image 3 the mint- Horseradish and Lamb's Ear on the end

Image 4- right side of sidewalk- a little is cleaned up

Img 5 My Little Boy Blue I made in ceramics many years ago
Img 6 My fake Heron with the water lettuce. Already to new ones.

Today I was at the gardens and did some hoeing and noticed the neighbors plot had tons of Johnson grass, some starting to seed. I went over with intentions of just using the weed eater but soon realized the grass was very close to his tomatoes. I ended up attempting to pull the Johnson grass up. Some broke off and some came out.  I also took out some water grass (sedge). Once either of those go to seed, you have bigger battles on your hands.  I then finished weed eating around our 50 x 25 plot of garden. Teresa evidently planted something on the edges as she had layers of leaf mulch laid down.
After the weed eating, I grabbed a hoe and a bucket and went around the corn picking up rocks as I went. I had planted some cucumbers for pickles. At least I think that's the kind they were. "Early Pride Hybrid"  I will let you know.  I put them in the same spot as Teresa had her burpless planted.  I went to MFA and Allison gave me about 12 seed of pickling cucumbers. I planted them in the proper place. They are now coming up.  I dug up all the others and brought them home. I planted a couple in hanging pots and 3 in front of the fence by my Michigan stone. Another one in the moss in the blue pot and two more down in front of the peonies (they are on the other side of the fence). Put two in the 1/2 Whiskey barrel in the corner of front yard to see what they would grow like in the shade. Anoter is in the pepper plant in the pot on the planter bench.  Last two are on the deck one with a pepper and one on the end flower box on the right. First picture here is the river plot garden. You can see the weed eating there on the edge.  Image 2 is the corn I hoed around. The next pictures are the area at home.

Img 1

Img 2
Image 3 Home- side back yard  sidewalk area 
Image 4 - Butterfly area
Image 5 Looking down from end of driveway
Image 6 Looking left from end of Driveway
Image 7 First part of cleanup- planting of cucumbers 


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