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In the Garden 5-29-2018

I was at the garden at 7 a.m.  There was a slight breeze and it was cooler out. Decided I better hoe around the cucumbers, beets, cabbages and a little by the onions.  I had two buckets one for weeds and one for rocks.  I hoed and picked up rocks. When I got down to the back of our plots, I realized the neighboring plot, behind us, had dumped a bunch of rock by the marker pole.  Lot's of the rocks had slid onto our plot.  Then I looked over and saw broken off weeds laying on our plot too. I was not a happy camper!  Just so happened that she showed up.  I asked her why she was dumping all the rocks. She advised that if she put them in a pile "they" (Parks?) would come pick them up. I don't think so. They sure didn't last year and I just got all those rocks removed and now there are more. She apologized and said she would remove them.  She then told me there was a black snake over in a far tree.  I told her those were the good snakes but me thinks if it appears ne

Gardening at the river plots and at my house side-back yard.

5-28-2018 Check out my page on the Chipmunk 5-27-2018 Started in at 6:40 a.m. to try and complete at least the left side of the sidewalk.  I trimmed back the climbing rose. There is a pretty purple Crepe Myrtle along the fence. I have tried to dig it out before and it come back. I dug it out again and transplanted it away from the fence a little and in that area put some of the mint (I may be sorry later and have to dig it back up). I trimmed the Lamb's Ear a little, If one of the little Crepe Myrtle spouts makes it (I potted up 3) I am going to put one of them there instead.  The other side (right of the sidewalk) I just cleaned in a couple of feet.  So much to do on that side and just looking at it overwhelms me.  My Little Boy Blue, I made in ceramics, got uncovered and after digging up the unwanted rose bush, I placed him in his on little area.  The dwarf raspberries got uncovered too.  I washed out the bird bath (2) and finished weeding down the sidewalk. I hosed it down s