A Story of Rosebud my part-Corgi Four Legged Friend

There is always a story and these photos are no different.
I am working on the history of the Central Missouri Master Gardeners.  I have a large safe that was stuck in the corner out of the way.  The other day I pulled it out and took out items, did scanning, put items back in but still not finished. The safe is now sitting in the middle of my computer room. Actually, it's Mary's do everything room. Computer, knitting, crocheting, drawing, you get the picture. 
I turned around, just now, and saw Rosebud, sleeping on the floor.  What's so unusual about that? Nothing, unless you add in, there are two dog beds, and the fact that she found the space where the safe used to reside! Her head is on one of the dog blankets that was adorning the top of the safe. It fell and was partially on the lower edge of the book shelf.  Hmm, great little pillow. 
Her she is, my Rosebud and her new sleeping area, for now!

Head on the blanket! So Sweet!

A Mouse in the House

A Mouse in the House By Mary J Williams
I have these lovely plants                                   I dug them up, put them in pots Set them under the lights And watered a lot
They continued to grow Looking really nice When much to my surprise They were destroyed by mice
How did I know It was done by a mouse?                   
Have you ever heard The noise in your house?
The little scratching noises Or maybe it’s chewing All I know is I’ve heard it I figured what it was doing
We set a mouse trap Nope, nothing was caught Told hubby more bait Or it would be for naught
So, more peanut butter Applied to the trap Put on the floor Didn’t take long and “zap”!
We caught that mouse That dared come inside One thing in the house I cannot abide.
I planted some seeds Placed under the lights The mouse tore up the soil During the night
Two traps were set In two different places I moved one myself To cover all the bases
They made holes in the soil Looking for seed Tore up the plants I didn’t like …

Gardening on the Deck

First day of March, 2020.  I went outside on the deck and decided to do some clean-up that probably should have been done in the fall! Needless to say, I didn't get to it. Finally, a beautiful day! Right now at 1:29 p.m., it's 67°F.
I took leaves out of the 1/2 whiskey barrel planters, cut the dead stuff off the lavender and the mint plant.
The one planter was falling to pieces. That is the only problem with the barrel planters, you do have to empty them and replace.  The metal bands were falling down and wood was rotting.
I came in the house to check if the local Tractor Supply had any of the barrels yet, nope, didn't have them. Thought to check on Orschlen Farm and Home Supply. They had them. Grabbed my purse, went out the back, picked up the refuse bag full, went down the steps. Decided to look and see if I had some pots. Seems like I bought some last fall.  Well, son of a gun, there they were. Four large pots on the roof of the shed. Two were resin in a charcoal color …

The Cardinal, The Head and The Dip Net

A few minutes ago I posted on Facebook that it was sleeting.
Hubby decided to go see if we had mail. He opened the front door and a male Cardinal was in the lattice by the door and flew in.
I heard this "cheep" and thought, "that sounds like a Cardinal". Yep, he flew in and landed on every surface in my computer room. He landed on the Chief's stuff. Not the Cardinals things. I was attempting to catch him with a towel, which didn't work as he flew high and I am not that tall. Jim went and got the dip net. I chased him around, would have the net over him, he would "duck down" and go underneath, and find the next spot to land.
Jim was standing at the door. I wish I would have had the time to grab a camera but I was trying to get the bird outside. He flew and landed on Jim's head. So I put the dip net right over the top of bird and head. OMG, I am ROTFL, Talk about funny! I got a hold of the bird in the net. Jim got his head out and I walked to…

It's Been a Month

Yep, a whole month has gone by! The critters are still around but not bugging me much because I decreased all the seed on the deck and the suet is the hot stuff!
I don't have many plants left now after the colder temps and snow!  Snow already!  On October 31st.
The funny part of the snow thing is, my birdbath froze over. I failed plugging it in. I went out and did that and put hot water in the birdbath so the wiggler would work.  Hubby turned off the outside water so I grabbed the teapot and filled the birdbath up. The sad thing is, the next day the birdbath was frozen over again. I didn't have the other end of the cord plugged into the birdbath! I bet you didn't know if you plugged something in you had to make sure the other end was attached to something also. It's all good now!
I made sure there was some of the hot suet out for the birds and checked the one feeder, squirrels can't eat from, for seed.
I didn't even pull up weeds and trim. I have been stitching…

I Never Know What's Going To Happen Next!

My Deck Flowers and Garden By Mary J Williams ©
This has not been a year For my plants to do good Either critters got them or something else could
It was a while back I went on the deck Noticed my Marigold It was dead by heck!
I heaved a great sigh And went on my way There wasn’t much to do And nothing to say!
About a month ago, In another pot, There were some baby plants Weeds they were not
Little tiny Marigolds Were starting to grow A smile lit my face Those I do know
I watered and nurtured Plants were growing strong I also found some more Hoped nothing would go wrong
Cantaloupe seed was thrown out In another big barrel I thought maybe the birds Would eat if they weren’t sterile
Low and behold Three little sprouts Were looking at me I wasn’t pulling them out
Now all are blooming The temperatures are dropping I have flowers on the Marigolds But bet there will be no cropping
Been fun to watch At least something to enjoy I even got a few peppers And a few tomatoes, oh boy.
Here are s…

Hopefully A New Resident Critter

The other day I went to Birds-I-View to tell Regina and Steve Garr why I hadn't been in to purchase any birdseed.
Those reading my blogs should be able to figure that out. The squirrels and the chipmunks and raccoons were beating out all the birds. Eating all the food and terrorizing me in the process. Like tearing up my garden plants- peppers and tomatoes.  Chipmunks have their own agenda, digging up plants and burying seed that they will never find as they sprout.
The raccoon incidents were just too much, even causing or part of injuries. 

I was telling Steve about the one bird feeder with drain holes that the squirrel figured out s/he could get a few seeds out of. S/he was eating Safflower, which the books tell you squirrels don't like.  Let me tell you guys something, if you have it out there, they will eat it.  They were eating my dry meal worms too. Pushing up the low hanging cover so they could get to it. Steve thinks they have it in for me too!

I then told Regina I rea…