I Failed Blog - I Failed Garden at the River Plot - But I did get some produce!

It's been a crazy year for sure.  I fell and hurt my shoulder and my knees and have been doing physical therapy.Been trying to do some of the gardening across the river but sure have failed. As previous post said, it was mostly weeds.  I did manage to pick a few ears of corn. I got just two meals worth of corn and one meal of roastin' ears. Not much for 4 rows 25 feet long.  Heck, they were growing fairly good and then they just quit. Many rainy and windy days which knocked down most of the tomato stakes. Yes, it was that windy!  I did get enough tomatoes from here at the house and out there for 6-7 pints of salsa. I planted the Pink Banana squash but never got one. Bugs are on the plants now so really don't expect to see one.  I did get one Acorn Squash. There is another growing but I bet those squash bugs get it.At home, for those who follow this blog, I did get about 3 to 4 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes out of the half whiskey barrel. I have picked many Banana Peppers a…

Trapping the Line

Trapping the LineBy Mary J WilliamsI feel like one of the Mountain MenChecking on a trap lineThe mouse traps were setBut Nothing did I findMost of them still had baitBut one was stripped cleanHow does a mouse do thatAnd not spring the thing?I have two on the kitchen floorOne is in the back roomOne is in a closetI hope all are caught soonYes, I have trapped a fewYou see the telltale signsLittle turds on the floorAlways in a lineSet the trap with peanut butterIt never seems to failOne I even caughtBy his little tailThis is driving me nutsHaving the mice in the houseNever before in over twenty yearsHave we ever had a mouse!The year is 2020The year of COVID-19Guess I can blame the miceOn what a year it’s been

This Squirrel is on my Last Nerve!

I know, you all love the squirrels. They are so cute! We feed them! He eats out of my hand! Big Deal! My squirrels not only eat here, eating most of the birdseed, they also are on the demolish the deck mission. A couple of days ago, Tuesday, July 21st, I posted a picture on Facebook of what I caught a young squirrel doing to a 2 x 4 on my deck.  This squirrel loves the feeder. It's all metal. It has drain holes at the bottom and some holes on the front side that keeps the holder in and the bar that closes when something heavy, like a squirrel, gets on it. Shuts down with no seed available. So, this young squirrel figured out that he could suck out some seed from the drain hole:
Now on the 21st I noticed this squirrel chewing on the 2 x 4 and took a picture of itI couldn't believe the damage the critter had done and thought, "gonna have to get that fixed and soon." Little did I know that, on this morning of the 23rd, I was going to freak out after seeing the 2 x 4.

This i…

The Tough Guy at the Bird Feeder

Watching the birds out of my window sure taught me a few things.  I really think each species has a certain time to fly in and eat, then leave and the next one flies in. That doesn't include the smaller birds though. They flit in and out whenever.  Did you know the Black-capped Chickadee, or the Carolina Chickadee, comes in to a feeder, grabs one seed and leaves and eats it in the near-by tree?The Downy, always looking for suet, but if not found grabs some nuts or flies to the finch food feeder. That feeder has a mixture of Thistle and Sunflower hearts. The finches don't go on that feeder much but I have seen the Grackles attempt that feeder. It is quite entertaining!  I have the Grackles and the Blue Jays. They have little tiffs now and then. Grackles usually win! You would think they would be the tough guy but nope not a Grackle. It's sure not the Blue Jay either.  The tough guy at the mixed nut feeder is none other then the Red-bellied Woodpecker. When he flies in Grackles…

Garden and Poems

You know, every time I go to the gardens, I think I could write a poem. Poems come to me out of the blue. Sometimes I need help with a rhyming word or two but the thoughts are there.I was worn out, hot and sweaty after physical therapy. Don't think the air conditioner was working to well. Lots of fans, but I still got hot. Then I went to the garden to water. I can't just go to do one thing. I got out my hoe and tried to chop out some of the weeds. That didn't work well. Doesn't look like there had been any rain over there either. So much for weather forecasts!  Quit chopping and got my handy dandy little hand trowel. Dug up some weeds. Then watered some, then home.

The Garden This Year 2020

By Mary J Williams

I went to the gardens

After physical therapy

No Elves or Fairies

Had weeded for me

The garden is a mess

All kinds of weeds do I see

The path by the tomatoes

Is still pretty much weed free

I pulled out some weeds

Right near the beans

They are vining around

Just a bunc…

Raccoons Again, so, I Write A Poem

The Coons are Back!By Mary J WilliamsIt was yesterday morning I was letting Lacy outWhen a critter jumped off the feederOf that, I had no doubtLittle Lacy took offShe was in hot pursuitI was sure hopingShe wouldn’t catch the bruteIf she caught it by chanceWas my biggest fearI yelled at herAs I shed a tearThe raccoon was fastDown the steps he did goOut in the yardHe wasn’t moving slowOver the fenceAnd now out of sightI was afraid for LacyIt gave me a frightLast night the trap was setThe nuts were brought inYes, we caught the coonLooks like its starting again.Do they find their way back,From when we did it before?Took several away Now they’ve come back for more?Will set the trap againAnd just wait and seeIf, again, we have to trapThe whole damn family!

I Have a Green Thumb Alright, For Weeds!

I decided to go across the river to the garden plot. I should have stayed home, but then I would have lost everything I planted to the weeds the aliens put in my garden plot.  They knew I wasn't able to work hard in it this year, and so took advantage of that fact.  There was sedge and Johnson grass, the wild purslane, many other weeds I don't know names for and the five foot tall lamb's quarter. Okay, kidding on the height, was about 3 foot tall. Good grief, I could barely see the tomatoes. I could see the corn, only because the weeds are still shorter then the corn. I couldn't see the green beans at all.
I started in, just taking a random point and started ripping out the weeds. I looked around and decided that wouldn't be in my best interests.  I moved down by the corn and started weeding around the stalks. A couple came in to work in their garden across the road. The elderly gentleman used to work on a farm.  I asked him what he thought of me weeding all that cor…