I Never Know What's Going To Happen Next!

My Deck Flowers and Garden By Mary J Williams ©
This has not been a year For my plants to do good Either critters got them or something else could
It was a while back I went on the deck Noticed my Marigold It was dead by heck!
I heaved a great sigh And went on my way There wasn’t much to do And nothing to say!
About a month ago, In another pot, There were some baby plants Weeds they were not
Little tiny Marigolds Were starting to grow A smile lit my face Those I do know
I watered and nurtured Plants were growing strong I also found some more Hoped nothing would go wrong
Cantaloupe seed was thrown out In another big barrel I thought maybe the birds Would eat if they weren’t sterile
Low and behold Three little sprouts Were looking at me I wasn’t pulling them out
Now all are blooming The temperatures are dropping I have flowers on the Marigolds But bet there will be no cropping
Been fun to watch At least something to enjoy I even got a few peppers And a few tomatoes, oh boy.
Here are s…

Hopefully A New Resident Critter

The other day I went to Birds-I-View to tell Regina and Steve Garr why I hadn't been in to purchase any birdseed.
Those reading my blogs should be able to figure that out. The squirrels and the chipmunks and raccoons were beating out all the birds. Eating all the food and terrorizing me in the process. Like tearing up my garden plants- peppers and tomatoes.  Chipmunks have their own agenda, digging up plants and burying seed that they will never find as they sprout.
The raccoon incidents were just too much, even causing or part of injuries. 

I was telling Steve about the one bird feeder with drain holes that the squirrel figured out s/he could get a few seeds out of. S/he was eating Safflower, which the books tell you squirrels don't like.  Let me tell you guys something, if you have it out there, they will eat it.  They were eating my dry meal worms too. Pushing up the low hanging cover so they could get to it. Steve thinks they have it in for me too!

I then told Regina I rea…

The End of Summer

I Guess Monday's are my Church days too!

It rained so the Bermuda grass was growing like crazy again.  Thank goodness the other weeds were at a bare minimum. 
I cut off the dead blossoms on the Hydrangea bushes.  I believe they are Oak Leaf Hydrangea but not sure but will get it confirmed on Wednesday.
While trimming the Hydrangea, I found 5 baby plants. Going to ask my expert on Wednesday if they can be dug up and replanted.  I also found a bush honeysuckle that the Conservation wants you to get rid of, which I did.  Under the Hydrangea, I found a variegated liriope. Liriope muscari is a species of low, herbaceous flowering plants from East Asia. Common names include big blue lily turf, lily turf, border grass, and monkey grass. It is a perennial with grass-like evergreen foliage and lilac-purple flowers which produce single-seeded berries on a spike in the fall.
There was a Hosta under the Hydrangea too. 
I went over the the long row of bushes and, after looking at them closely, believe they might be Flowering Quince.  The…

The Pumpkin Thinks It's A Beanstalk. Where's Jack?

My pumpkin is taking over the front flower bed and is now climbing to the sky!  Where is Jack?

A Hot Day at the Church Garden

Maintenance Day at Church By Mary June Williams ©
It was very, very hot out I went to church today To take out all the weeds again It didn’t feel like play
The sermon on Sunday Given by Pastor Scott Said that was a day of rest So, work I did not
Monday was a work day Sitting out in the sun Maintenance on the garden Until I got it done
Found more of the weed barrier Because it had rained Could dig up all the weeds More of it, I gained
It’s all cleaned up But here is the question Cut flowers off hydrangea To make them look fresh again?
Here is my other question That comes to mind How about the bushes That are all in a line
Do you want them trimmed? Or just wild in the row? Clean up beneath them? Or let the weeds grow?
These are the questions Does anyone have a clue? I think the bushes need trimmed Something that I could do.
Let me know the answer About the bushes please I could work on them And remove the dead leaves.

The Church Project-Done!

I can't help it.  It's the way I am. I don't understand it, but rhyming again. Good grief it is strange, to think everything in rhymes, but I do it so often, feels like all the time!  I am doing it again, as you can plainly see. I wonder if there is something wrong with me!
Here is my poem and pictures from today. I have nothing more to say!

The Church Project By Mary J Williams ©
The church project is done I finished today It’s supposed to rain So, no time to play
It’s very humid today But the sun is not out It’s much better working Of that, there’s no doubt
Pulled up more stones Buried under mulch and the dirt Cleaned out the path Got sweat on my shirt
I put black cloth down To put the stones on They come from the door And end up at the lawn
It’s not perfectly straight But I did my best Been working hard Now I need a rest
A drink of water Is what I really need Then I can tackle The nasty little weeds
The weeding is now finished I stand back and look The area looks good …