A Hot Day at the Church Garden

Maintenance Day at Church By Mary June Williams ©
It was very, very hot out I went to church today To take out all the weeds again It didn’t feel like play
The sermon on Sunday Given by Pastor Scott Said that was a day of rest So, work I did not
Monday was a work day Sitting out in the sun Maintenance on the garden Until I got it done
Found more of the weed barrier Because it had rained Could dig up all the weeds More of it, I gained
It’s all cleaned up But here is the question Cut flowers off hydrangea To make them look fresh again?
Here is my other question That comes to mind How about the bushes That are all in a line
Do you want them trimmed? Or just wild in the row? Clean up beneath them? Or let the weeds grow?
These are the questions Does anyone have a clue? I think the bushes need trimmed Something that I could do.
Let me know the answer About the bushes please I could work on them And remove the dead leaves.

The Church Project-Done!

I can't help it.  It's the way I am. I don't understand it, but rhyming again. Good grief it is strange, to think everything in rhymes, but I do it so often, feels like all the time!  I am doing it again, as you can plainly see. I wonder if there is something wrong with me!
Here is my poem and pictures from today. I have nothing more to say!

The Church Project By Mary J Williams ©
The church project is done I finished today It’s supposed to rain So, no time to play
It’s very humid today But the sun is not out It’s much better working Of that, there’s no doubt
Pulled up more stones Buried under mulch and the dirt Cleaned out the path Got sweat on my shirt
I put black cloth down To put the stones on They come from the door And end up at the lawn
It’s not perfectly straight But I did my best Been working hard Now I need a rest
A drink of water Is what I really need Then I can tackle The nasty little weeds
The weeding is now finished I stand back and look The area looks good …

The Church Project gone astray!

I started this project at my church. I walked outside and saw this flower bed and cringed. So much grass. Could be Zoysia but I thinks it's Bermuda.  There is a weed barrier but the grass is not a weed so it went over and under and did what it pleased!

Of course I wrote a poem for today's work.

Church Weeding Project By Mary J Williams © I got too hot Weeding outside No hat on my head No shade, it did hide
At church again today Digging out all the grass The weed barrier was up So, the weeds didn’t pass

The weed barrier was gone Couldn’t find it any more It was buried way too deep To dig it up would be a chore
I found five stepping stones Dug up four of them Putting them in a row Covering up some grass stems
The dirt is like concrete So very, very hard Can’t imagine how the plants live No water in the yard
I finally gave up I couldn’t get it done Too hot for this old lady And it wasn’t any fun
Gonn’a finish this some other time It will be a couple of days My hand is way too so…

Not an Alien Taking Over- Just a Pumpkin

This pumpkin started growing by my rose near the porch. At first, I didn't know whether it was a squash, pumpkin or watermelon. I sure didn't know how it got there. I did have pumpkins out for Halloween, so maybe that's what it was from.

It started growing and growing. It brought to mind "Jack and the Beanstalk".  I watered and it kept on going, just like the energizer bunny.  Blooms were everywhere. Finally, I saw a little fruit on the vine. It looked like a pumpkin, not a cantaloupe nor a watermelon. It was still really small. Not much bigger around than a quarter.

As the days went by, it was a challenge for me to keep this vine contained in that one bed. It tried escaping out into the yard. It went into my Japanese Maple and down the other side. Now it is going towards the roof, up the lattice on the porch.

So far I see four pumpkins.  I don't know how many of you know the tall flower bloom is the male. The female is the shorter flower with a fruit behind …

I Forgot!

Got up this morning and looked out the window and thought,"oh crap" I forgot to take the suet in last night.
Yes, I put one out for the Downy Woodpecker.  I had the Safflower out for the House Finch, Cardinal and Chickadees.  They have been flitting in and out!  Saw the Downy trying to get a seed from the bottom of the feeder where there is a drain hole.  I felt sorry for him so put out a cake of the hot pepper suet. I really intended on bringing it in last night. 
First of all I was tired and sore after going to the Extension and digging and transplanting and changing the cloth, blah, blah, blah.  I just did "stuff".  Had done the same the day before, so now, this old girl was worn out! I didn't say sleepy, but I did fall asleep in my chair in front of the computer!  There is your laugh for the day!
Then I stayed up to watch the Cardinals lose a game to the Cubs! They had many opportunities to win, but offense couldn't get it together.
I made the mistake o…

My Rhyming Mind in the Shower

My Rhyming Mind in the Shower By Mary J Williams ©
I am so exhausted And writing poems in my head But was standing in the shower So, I didn’t have any lead.
No pencil to write with Soap would go down the drain Alexa was in the other room No recording, Echo’s not to blame
One of the thoughts Was about my older brother Was he saving any money, Since the passing of our mother?
I looked out the window Saw a few birds flying by Looked at the neighbor’s flowers They look so pretty, “sigh”!
Then I thought about How fast the year is passing It’s the end of July And the cold weather is amassing
I don’t like the cold I want the warm instead I can go work the garden And pick some flower heads.
My other brother takes off for Florida So, he can golf and fish I would really like to visit If all goes well, I wish
Then maybe go visit Laurie At the lake in South Carolina I could maybe see an Osprey But it might as well be China
We have two dogs, you see And Jim’s health is not the best I would hate …