And So It Begins

My gardening buddy and I went over to the garden plots.  They had been plowed or maybe they used a disc, whatever, it's flat and mostly without weeds.  I think the rocks grew over the winter though. All those rocks I picked out are there and more.  They didn't plow in between the poles, so we cleaned that out and all the corn shucks that didn't break down.  Teresa (gardening buddy) planted the beans, so we actually have something planted.  No potatoes, or onions yet.  She has been busy, I have been busy and the weather has not been the best for gardening.
Teresa and I had an argument too. Ton's of little flowers coming up. I say Zinnia and she says Sunflowers.  Going to leave some growing and we shall see!.. There is some dill coming back from seed and the chives I planted are back and doing fine. 
Gotta take my baby tiller over and do a little so we will be ready to do potatoes and onion.  Wouldn't you know, it's supposed to rain.

This is looking across the ga…

Interesting Day Today So Far!

Lot's of you have been following me on Facebook and my problems with my elderly dog Chief.  I had him outside at 3:30 this morning. At that time I checked the rain gauge and temperature. It was 41°F at that time and we had 0.06 inches of rain up to midnight. Then the AcuRite changes to the next day and we had 0.22 inches of rain.  I went back to bed.
Got up again around 6:30 a.m. Opened the door to let the dogs out and my mouth fell open.  We have snow all over the deck.  What the heck!!! By this time we also had registered 0.44 inches of rain.  My lovely Chief shows up the snow really well!  Oh, by the way it's 7:01 A.M. and 32°F and snowing!
You all have a nice day!

12:25 A.M. Raccoon Mishap at my House

Bark!  That's Chief telling me he has to go outside!  Oh, almost forgot, hubby set the live trap for the raccoon that has been eating all our birdseed.  I have to check if we caught a raccoon before letting Chief outside!  Hubby thought I was leaving the lid off the galvanized can we store the sunflower seed in.  I don't think so!  Yep, that raccoon was lifting the lid and helping himself.  If I forgot to take in the suet, it would all be gone by morning.  We have done the live trap before and it's been awhile since the raccoons have visited us.  Must be a new population in the area! 
So, back to the story!  I didn't let Chief out, I slipped out the door to see if there was a raccoon already.  Yep, there was one. Now to get him down to the truck. Imagine, if you will, a lady in pajama's at 12:30 in the morning, cold and somewhat windy, lifting up a live trap with a raccoon inside.  I walked gingerly to the steps and very carefully started down.  The raccoon decided…

Entertainment This Morning- Watching a Squirrel

After hogging out, by eating peanuts and tomatoes and most of the suet in the last couple of days, the squirrel was at the feeder this morning.  I don't guess I told you I purchased a new "squirrel proof" feeder. I put the mixed nuts in it because they had figured out how to knock down and open up the other two feeders besides chewing a hole in the wire.  The feeders would be empty in just a few hours  The "squirrel proof" feeder company hasn't seen my squirrels!  One of the squirrels lifted the feeder off of it's hook after 3 days of hanging.  It dropped into a bush and, when I got to it, was almost empty.  Needless to say, I did some stomping of feet, a little cussing and some crying. It's who I am!  I got a different hook and put the new "squirrel proof" feeder on the old hook. Hoping the squirrel wouldn't be able to lift the hook off the hook.  The squirrels had finished off all but a little of the suet and I had just put out new s…

Do Dogs Count as Critters???

All my friends on Facebook know all about my problems with my dogs and squirrels and raccoons, if they read my posts.
I just had to write this up, just in case there is someone out there that reads this blog that is not on Facebook.
My older dog, Chief, is part Basset and part Labrador.  He has the Basset bark and howl. Imagine, if you would, being sound asleep, all cozy in your bed and all of a sudden you hear this deep-throated, loud bark! BARK!  Then a few minutes, and I mean a few, if I make it to 3 minutes, it's amazing, I get another BARK! This is my signal to get the heck out of bed and put the boy outside.  I have two other dogs. Lacy and Rosebud.  Sometimes both go out with the old boy and sometimes not. Sometimes it's just Lacy. 
If Lacy goes out, she usually goes potty and comes right back in!
If Rosebud goes out that doesn't happen!
Take this morning for instance.  All three went outside at 3:25 a.m.  Lacy was back in by 3:28 a.m.  It's 38°F. I am in my pj&…
The weather can change to spring anytime for me. I am way passed ready for days of warmth. We have had a "real" winter this time and it started way back in November of 2018. We have had so much cold weather and snow!  Unfortunately, my weather station doesn't measure the snow.  I resorted to my ruler a few times.  One snow in January was at least 11 inches and maybe a tad more. Temperatures below 0°F many times and lots of times in the teens and twenties.

I have been feeding my birds through this winter and because of the many Starlings and House Sparrows I run out of food quickly.  The other reason I run out of food, yep you guessed it, the squirrels.  I looked out this morning and 3 of my feeders are gone.  The squirrels have learned how to knock them down and so they do. The one feeder is smaller than its original size because they chewed through the wires and created a hole. Hubby fixed that so I could still use it but now they continually knock it off the hook. I ha…

About Two Grandmother's of Mine and Their Talent- Iza Covert Dietz and Nilah Grinnell Howorth

I wanted to write about my two Grandmothers.  They were both so talented but in different ways.  I feel like I inherited some of each of their talents.  Grandma Iza Covert Dietz was the step-mom of my Dad, Raymond J. Dietz.  She was a wonderful lady!  Her talent was in her stitching and her knitting.  She knew I loved horses and did a needlepoint of a horses head.  I also took tap dance and ballet. Grandma Dietz did, what I believe is cross-stitch, of a ballet dancer.  After giving it to me, she told me she wasn't happy with the chartreuse background but I loved it!  Years later, my mother gave me a flower that was also done in cross-stitch.  Grandma Dietz was a talented knitter and made me many pairs of gloves, which I, being a kid, promptly lost most of them. All but one of the gloves usually.  When I went out to California, I wrote her and asked if she would knit me a pair of gloves.  I took a pencil and went around my hand and sent her the drawing.  She told me it was the last…