Critters and Birds

Looking out my window this morning and saw the squirrel in the feeder swing. I really fill it for them! LOL! I walked out on the deck with three dogs chasing squirrels down in the yard and caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Chippy Chipmunk was visiting also. Probably putting in complaints because I stuffed that hole!
I looked out and saw red and decided I would go get my camera and get a couple of pictures! Mr Cardinal moved around in this flowering crab tree a lot but I managed to get a couple of pictures.
Great way to continue my morning and it's not even 8 a.m. yet!

Have a great day!

A Squirrel practicing Gymnastics for the Olympics. I think I have a Winner!

This morning I was watching the squirrels and I believe this one is trying out for Gymnastics in the Olympics.  The movements were very graceful and the tail was used, on occasion, for balance.  I took some pictures so I would be able to show this squirrel if he has improved through time!  I believe he is getting the "hang" of it. He left once and then came back for more exercise training. I believe it's like the high bar.  He then jumps to the side rail and back. Lovely moves!  He just has to be able to stick the landing a little better! Below are all the practice moves. 

OMG it's Growing! Three Days Later-take a look!

I went outside yesterday and ran my lawnmower over all the leaves in the front yard in attempts to mulch them some.  While I was outside, I filled a flower pot with some soil to put that onion in that I found growing in my refrigerator (see previous blog). I forgot about the pot until this morning. I picked it up and carried to the back room.  I put that onion in the middle of the rick-rack cactus, I went to pick it up and put it in the pot and it wouldn't move.  The onion had already rooted in.  I couldn't believe it. Look at the shoots in the picture. First one was on the 22nd and the second was was taken this morning on the 25th.  Guess I will just leave it in that pot and see what happens.  LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving and did I get a good laugh today

I am cooking and almost finished with dinner for myself and hubby and asked him if he wanted some green beans. "Sure", he said.  I proceeded to open a can of green beans and put a tablespoon of bacon grease in and reached for my onion container in the crisper.  I opened it up and started to laugh.  The onion had sprouted and had roots growing.  I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  Now, I decided I would put it in some soil.  I have some rick-rack cactus growing and there was a center area and I plopped the onion down there.  I have not clue if it will continue to grow. Can only wait and see! I walked to the kitchen, still smiling and laughing.  Then it came to me, I really needed to document this.  I grabbed my phone and started doing the picture taking. First of the container, then I went in the back room and took the onion out of the soil.  I think you can still see the growth and the roots!  This was just too funny!

My Yard is Awful and now we have SNOW!

Due to personal problems, my yard was thrown to the various weeds.  It looks horrible and now I have tons of leaves to contend with, which are now buried in snow!!! This is only the 14th of November. Way to early for this white stuff on the ground.. Just to make matters worse, the temperatures are just plain frigid. This morning I got up to 13°F. This is not normal temps for Central Missouri in November.  With the temps that low, the snow is still on the ground covering all the leaves.  I may never get them blown off as they have to dry first.  I can be thankful that some of them had been removed in October by my Grandkids that were here for a short time.  I even got a lightweight new leaf blower run by batteries.  That means our household is the proud owner of three blowers.  Can you hear the laughter in my fingers as I type that, and see the grin on my face? 
I do have a couple of pictures to share with you!  A couple of the snow and then the picture of the wonderful little visitor …

Birds and Brussel Sprouts.

There is absolutely no comparison between a hawk and brussel sprouts unless you are me! 

I noticed there were a few small brussel sprouts in the pot on my deck.  I have attempted to grow these for years and have never been able to.  Heat is one thing and bugs were the other. Not much rain for gardening this year but this one was on the deck, in it's on pot and it was watered.  The bugs, I broke down and used Sevin Dust!  I mostly gave up as the plant really wasn't growing.  Well, behind my back, evidently with the little rain in September, they proceeded to grow some.  I picked them on November 3, cooked them and ate them with my baked turkey.  They were actually quite good! Small, not enough of them, but good!

Then, today as I was getting ready to leave the house, I looked out my window and there was a lovely hawk on my deck. I thought it was a Cooper's Hawk but after posting a picture on the River Bluff Audubon Society Facebook page, I believe it is a Juvenile Sharp-Shin…

The Yarrow Finally Bloomed- I Had Given Up!

Went out to check my mail and looked down and couldn't believe my eyes.  I planted this Yarrow last year.  It never did anything including grow much.  I actually have the name of it 'Treasured Deep Rose' achilla tomentosa x millefolium.  Don't bother looking it up, I can't find it on Google.I have the tag though and that's what it says. 

Previously, I believe I told you about my abelia x grandiflora 'kaleidoscope'. I still say it's the best bush ever. Number one it doesn't grow real fast. Number two you can trim it if needed. Number 3 it has so many colors. Never the same! 

My third and fourth pictures are a whimsical thing and a picture I really shouldn't have taken. I was driving at the time! Shame on me, but I couldn't pass it up.  Was coming back from Columbia, MO and saw the balloons and saw the moon.  Daughter was driving so that was okay.  The other was when I was on my way to Columbia and have to pass by the airport where I live.…